Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand painting

the other day i was randomly surfing the internet, and i came across these images that i thot were very impressive, these are not my images, ths is the work of someone else, i have no idea who, but the crdt definitly goes 2 them. but i thot tht it was worth sharing
for those who hvnt noticed, those are actually hands!

drivng lessns with the teacher and the maid!!

it seems like my father gets more ridiculous with every idea he has about me driving!!
the newest ridiculous thng he has come up wth is tht when i strt taking driving lessnz he refuses to let me b in the car with a man whom i am not related to, tehrefore hw am i gna take driving lessns??? the law dictates tht a profffesional driving teacher has 2 teach me, i cannot just show up 2 the exam even if i can drive, a proffesional teacher has 2 teach me and sign hours.
and obviously my father dsnt have enuf time 2 waste to come to lessns with me, hs soloution is, i go to the lessons, and he dsnt mind if teh teacher is a man(he says it like he is doing me some huge favour, like he is making some wild dream of mine come true), ofcourse the is a BUT!!
ofcourse tha maid has 2 escort me to my driving lessns!!!!!

the maid!!!in the backseat!!while im being taught hw 2 drive!!!!!!!
once again very ridculous i cud almost cry


2day was my father and i's day 2 fite over hs messed up interpretations about wat he wnts me 2 do with cars who and when the shall b driven etc...... 4 my seventeenth birthday my dad got me a mercedes as a present,i dnt get my licence here by law until i turn 18, nevertheless its a lovely present to get. as one can magine im very excited to drive it. i live in egypt 2 buy a car there tht is made by a foreign manufacturer you pay a two hundred percent tax(ths is true!) buyng cars made in egypt r also expensive and definitly not worth the money.
so my father ships cars 4 me 2 get around with, but the law does regulate that if u dnt wish 2 pay the full 200 percent tax on the car u r bringing in, u can only bring the car in on visit, u still pay taxes, just not 2 hundred percent, the car can only stay in egypt 4 six months and then it needs 2 leave the country, u cannot bring it bak until six months pass, so basically evry six months a dffrnt car is shipped 2 egypt.
a new car has 2 b sent next week as the time limit 4 the one tht is there is going 2 end soon, i was very excited because my car, the mercedes is gna b shipped, and i will get a chance to drive it there as im gettng my licence soon.
until............. my dad decides 2 throw a bomb 2day!!
he sed the mercedes is not going to b shippd, y baba? i love it, no baby dnt wrry i have a surprise u will love...baba wat is it? tell me tell me............ he was like im going 2 get u a bmw convertible instead, 2mrw pik the color and consider it bought. ths wud make most kids happy, teh idea and gesture its self is sweet BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my driver shall b drivng the convertible 4 three months until i get my licence!!! so obviously i dnt wnt it!! id rather ride a bike 2 uni than ride a convertible with my driver!! seriously no one does that!
first of all, no one wud thnk he is a driver, secndly i wud literally b sittng in hs lap if its in the frnt seat, my fathers argument 4 tht was i can sit in the bak becoz it is a 4 seater, ok even wrse!! him driving in the frnt looking like the owner and me in the bak looking like the hi class whore he piked up!!!
latly, gettng in and out of a sports car means tehre is alot of bending and body contortng 2 get in and out, perfect view 4 my driver!!
seriously baba!!! tht dsnt make sense!!!

Driving with my driver in the passenger seat

the reason i am writing ths is becoz my father came out with some of the most ridiculous rules ever 2day, they r soo ridiculous they r amusing!
im going to get my licence in 3 months, i shall b bak at uni then, so 2day at dinner with frnds we were discussing wat and when i wud drive etc..... the topic of wat wud happen 2 my driver came up, then i will have a licence so logically speaking i dnt need a driver. my dad responds by saying the driver shall STAY!! why baba? ur nt gna let me drive? he was like no darling u can drive all u wnt, but the driver will always b in the passenger seat!!
as u can imgaine i was infuriated, wat ?!! now im driving 4 the driver!!!!!!!!!! the driver is being paid a huge ridiculous monthly salary 2 sit hs ass dwn in a mercedes all day!!!!! that is NOT NORMAL!!!!
i may as well not drive in that case!
ths is where the arab thnkng starts to kick in, my dad wnts the driver in the car becoz it means tht father shall no everywhere i go at all times, the driver can report to him hw i drive and wat my driving manners r like, who i allow to get in the car, the hours im driving at(which means then i have to b home at my curfew, note that my prnts live in a dffrnt country, so my dad keeping up to date with everythng im doing is always thru ppl). and the driver will tell hm if get males in the car or not(which my father will not allow).
in ths case my father is payng hm to be my bodyguard!!not DRIVER WHO DSNT DRIVE!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


today i feel like talking about a current guy who i happen to be talking to, he happens to be a frnd, we met at a conference about a year ago, i played the bitchy hard to get game 4 quite a while, when he asked for my number i insisted he gv me a pen which he ddnt hv, so he actually had to get up and get one, he came bak with paper, i ripped it up and ordered for him to gv me hs righte arm, which he did laughng ::) i ddnt gv hm my number, instead i wrote down my full name and told hm if he can get my number within the 48 hours i shall consider gvng hm a chance o talk to hear what he has to say, otherwise i supposdly had no more time to spare and had to leave.
nyhw, he has the contacts to manage to get my number within the time limit, smartass :p
i used to talk to him 4 a while and then get busy, recently we have been talking on a daily basis, last nite he decided to tell me he loves me, sometimes i wonder how all these guys go around sayng they love all these woman, i mean seriously can u reallly fall for 5,6 grls b4 u hit 20??!! it baffles me.
what i have really come to realise in the arab world is "love" can come easy but it is also taken away easy. as far as if they really do love the grls they claim to im nt sure they really knw wat real love is in the old fashioned sense, but wat they do wen they make the claim of loving someone is they live up to all those cliches and expectations expected of two ppl in love.
im definitly not in2 hm, but hs mother passed away recently and i feel like im being a bitch not reciprocatng hs feelings, especially becz of hs current situation, i dnt feel like im in the place to reject hm seeing as he has put faith in me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

abdulla, my driver my everythng

wen i started going 2 nursery both my prnts had work, and were nt going to b able to take me and bring me from skool especiall with timings for nursery kids, i thnk it was from eight to twelve or somethng, so they got me a driver, abdulla!
i used to look forward to riding with abdulla everyday!!!
he used to get me all the candy i wanted, despite the tint miniscule salary he got, he adored me and looking bak now im aware tht he was in no way obliged to stopping by the coldstore and gettng me all the candy i wud greedily select, he did it becoz he ddnt wnt to say no 2 me, aftr growing older, my prnts told me tht he never spoke a word of my hoardings to my prnts, they were shocked to hear it from me wen i wud happily talk about my "rides" with abdulla(excuse the play on words).
abdulla was also great fun because my wicked prnts never used to let me sit in the frnt seat next to them seeing as i was a four year old, but abdulla used to let me, he also used to let me play with all the controllers and buttons on the dashboard, i used to have a ball.
ths amazing driver from heaven also used to listn to all the baby talk i had to discuss with him, apprntly my wantng of a birdie was the utmost priority, i had to discuss it with him vry morning. being the wise man he was he used to play along and pretend to listn, im surprisd he actually used to manage to get me to skool safely, juggling driving and listning to a demanding toddler discussing her non exitent birdie with hm .
one day coming home from nursery abdulla had to stop by hs house for somethng urgent, he obviously cudnt leave me in the car so he had to take me into hs house. it was the frst time i ever visit a house tht wsnt as generic as those of our class. hs house had very tall walls, tht seemed to be made of mud, and they hdnt been painted, and the windows were tiny, they were loads of tiny windows put together to make a large window, there were no tiles or carpet on the floor. it was all very strange to me. it was not a small house, it was quite big, the decor was just diffrnt, later i learnt ths was a typical old arab house.
wat further shocked me on my little trip was that he had ANIMALS in the house, ths is also typical from those of tht class and time, i was infatuated, it was like visitng a farm to me, i had never seen so many animals, i specifically remember being very scared of the huge cow, and wondering how exactly ths was a cow if its skin was all grey, i thot cows were blak and white like the ones they taught us in skool, little did i knw tht the blak and white cows r only "lurpak" or the creme de la creme cows :p
aftr tht he took me upstairs to see an array of hs huge collection of birds, i took interest in a cage full of tiny little pretty neat looking birds, i thnk i liked them more than the rest becoz they were more colourful than the brown or blak ones tht seemed to b in all the other cages.
he told me to show hm which were my favourites, i piked an all balk one, an a blue one a white and a brownish whitish one. he told me i cud have them, i ddnt bother to argue at least for the sake of formality, i started suggestng names for them immedietly. i thnk abdula gave me the birds becoz he was fed up of our conversations in our car rides.
i cannot even start to explain the shock on my grandprnts faces wen i got home bearng them 4 birdies in a cage. i was supposd to b in skool, where on earth did i get them from and y was i soo late, my prnts were still at work at the time. i was too happy to explain, i ust strtd talkn about which ones were female, which wud have babies, and how soon they wud copulate. being considerate and quite old fashioned ppl, my grandprnts were horrified to discover tht i had "made" the driver gv me hs birds, thts hw they interpreted it. how cud i do such a thng, where were my manners, wen did they ever not gv me wat i wnt, hw cud i take somethng from someone so poor and all, and ofcourse hw were they going to repay abdulla for hs gesture.
i wud also like to add tht i got the same reaction years later wen it slipped my tounge tht he used to buy me sweets everyday.