Thursday, July 8, 2010


today i feel like talking about a current guy who i happen to be talking to, he happens to be a frnd, we met at a conference about a year ago, i played the bitchy hard to get game 4 quite a while, when he asked for my number i insisted he gv me a pen which he ddnt hv, so he actually had to get up and get one, he came bak with paper, i ripped it up and ordered for him to gv me hs righte arm, which he did laughng ::) i ddnt gv hm my number, instead i wrote down my full name and told hm if he can get my number within the 48 hours i shall consider gvng hm a chance o talk to hear what he has to say, otherwise i supposdly had no more time to spare and had to leave.
nyhw, he has the contacts to manage to get my number within the time limit, smartass :p
i used to talk to him 4 a while and then get busy, recently we have been talking on a daily basis, last nite he decided to tell me he loves me, sometimes i wonder how all these guys go around sayng they love all these woman, i mean seriously can u reallly fall for 5,6 grls b4 u hit 20??!! it baffles me.
what i have really come to realise in the arab world is "love" can come easy but it is also taken away easy. as far as if they really do love the grls they claim to im nt sure they really knw wat real love is in the old fashioned sense, but wat they do wen they make the claim of loving someone is they live up to all those cliches and expectations expected of two ppl in love.
im definitly not in2 hm, but hs mother passed away recently and i feel like im being a bitch not reciprocatng hs feelings, especially becz of hs current situation, i dnt feel like im in the place to reject hm seeing as he has put faith in me.

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