Tuesday, July 6, 2010

my walk

ok so i realised that my last post wsnt really talking about me, it was more about hw i feel about blogging and my terrible writing skills.
wat is there i wud like u ppl 2 knw about me......
well, im seventeen, yes i agree that is young, but i have seen the world in the eyes of those decades older than me, walked in their shoes and experienced wat many will never live to experience, so hear me out :)
and going over that it kinda sounds traumatic, but really tht wsnt the impressions i was going for, there is alot of FUN and scandal :)
so obviously im an arab, and no im not covered .
and no im nt opressed the way the media makes arabs out to be.
fyi, i speak fluent english and arabic, and basic french and spanish
i attended one of the top eight british schools in the world, and lead a very cosmopolitan life
i have all sorts of frnds, from literally vry colour race and religion, skool definitly played a good part in tht
overall i have to admit that i do live life torn between both cultures, one morning i decide to be an arab the next i decide to be more english than the queen herself.
nyhw thts basically a quick "get to knw me "

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