Tuesday, July 6, 2010

father and the baby

for some reason i have not been retold any stories of my mother and i growing up, tht wud probably b becoz she dsnt gv thngs more attention than they deserve NOT because she wsnt involved with me, with that sed i wud like to get onto how my daddy spoilt me as a baby.
the idea of ths post is to break the prejiduce that for starters arab men favour their male sons (altho there r some tht do, and tht was a trend in old arabia, tht really very rarely applies today), secondly that they r always too busy to gv their children attention.
being the frst child, my father breaking ancient arab tradition, actually wanted hs frst child to b a daughter, and thank the lord i was exactly wat he wanted, he anted a little grl to spoil and spoil and spoil. and i adapted to ht very well as a baby.
i was a very thin baby, so my father used to add sugar to my milk, so tht i cud start to fatten up, being the piky baby i was, i refused to drink any milk with added sugar, i used to reject the bottle, and cry and wail until i was gvn "normal" milk. they tried adding all sorts of thngs including honey to my milk, but nothng wud do, it was milk or nothng.
my othr royal demand was tht i wud never just go to sleep, i had to pushed around in my stroller, and no not for ten minutes or os, im told ths process used to take at least an hour. ths also had to b done if i woke up in the middle of the nite, which was a frequent thng
so father had to wake up during the early morning hours and take me dwnstairs in absloute silence as to not wake up the rest of the household and take me around our long dinning table in circles until i wud fall asleep.
grandmother used to wake up in the mornings and find the pram wheel marks all over the carpet in repetitive circles around our table :P she wud knw, little me had awoken in the middle of the nite:P
notice tht my father is the one who used to feed me, and not the maids, my father was also the one who used to wake up in the middle of the nite to get hs little angle to fall asleep again, despite havng work the next day, despite havng an entire staff of maids at hs dispense, and despite being able to wake up my mother(oh yes, the goes against tht othr stereotype about arabs, tht states tht the men will do nthng and get their poor wives to do everythng).

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