Friday, July 9, 2010

drivng lessns with the teacher and the maid!!

it seems like my father gets more ridiculous with every idea he has about me driving!!
the newest ridiculous thng he has come up wth is tht when i strt taking driving lessnz he refuses to let me b in the car with a man whom i am not related to, tehrefore hw am i gna take driving lessns??? the law dictates tht a profffesional driving teacher has 2 teach me, i cannot just show up 2 the exam even if i can drive, a proffesional teacher has 2 teach me and sign hours.
and obviously my father dsnt have enuf time 2 waste to come to lessns with me, hs soloution is, i go to the lessons, and he dsnt mind if teh teacher is a man(he says it like he is doing me some huge favour, like he is making some wild dream of mine come true), ofcourse the is a BUT!!
ofcourse tha maid has 2 escort me to my driving lessns!!!!!

the maid!!!in the backseat!!while im being taught hw 2 drive!!!!!!!
once again very ridculous i cud almost cry


  1. I'm curious: I know Bahrain quite well, Egypt less, whereat are you?
    I'm a quarter of the way around the planet, so though I'm male, and not young, I'm safe to talk to.
    I noticed you after you posted a comment on 'Thanatos', and after looking here I think you seem to be your own person.
    It's dislocating being spread between cultures, but it makes you a better person.

  2. oh really, your familiar with bahrain :) niice, lived here before?

    a quarter of the way around the planet huh? u didnt mention clockwise or anti clockwise so i can attempt to work out the geography of whereabouts you live :)
    so your a reader of the "thanatos" blog, as am i. its a very impressive blog.

    and for future reference, posts shall be written "properly"

  3. Yeah, I did my growing up a Westerner in an Arab world there, so I do have some idea what it’s like for you. It was privileged, but I was always an outsider too. I learned a lot from Bahrainis.
    Last time I was there the place was already changing fast: now it’s unrecognisable to me. Is the ancient ruined twin-minaret mosque still there on the way from Manama to Budaiya? Or did it get in the way of Progress? I have a photo of it somewhere on my computer.
    Geography? Let’s say I see the sun each morning long before you do, and it’s about 100 degrees, not 90.
    Posting properly? What’s that? Are there rules now?
    There’s an email address if you click on my ID. This isn’t really blog comment and I feel a bit guilty posting as ‘comments’.

  4. the mosque is still standing believe it or not!
    and expect an email soon from me!