Tuesday, July 6, 2010

baby stories 2

so... other stories from my "baby-hood", i really cnt remember much, but i do have certain golden memories that i cannot get past without actually giving them the attention i believe they deserve.
these memories are my grandest memories ever, they r the memories i share with my grandfather whom i cherish and love to no limit. they r basic and simple, but they speak alot of our relationship.
memory number one: blue boat/ yellow boat
wen i used to go to pre-school, and the academic part of my day was very short i used to come home sleep, and then wait for my grandfather to come home from work, i always made him watch tell y with me, the story of blue boat and yellow boat is, in dubai there is an annual boat race tht takes place even 2day (17 years later). so watchng it with my grandad was an event, in my little head it was like watching "rub a dub dub" boats:P nyhow the memory is of how i used to cheer with hm for the boat with the colour of my choice to win, the amusing part was tht every year i used to pik a colour i decided i liked to win, leavng aside the quality, speed and type of the boat. but it became a tradition for me and my grandfather 2 watch 2gether growing up.
it is my dream to buy tikets to ths event and take my grandfather to it with me, it wud definitly play tribute to a spectacular childhood.
memory number two: cartoons
i absloutely loved sleepng beauty snow white and cinderela, during my waking hour sthey were the only things anyone in the entire household could watch, being their spoilt little princess my whims trumped all, screw the football, screw the breaking news , screw everythng, their darling wanted to watch her fairytales for the bizilionth time. they ddnt mind, as long as i was smiling so were they.
oh how i wish i cud exert a tenth of that power i had today :P so the adorable memory is how i used to make my grandfathe rmemorise the script and say it in time with the cartoon and myself. i used to make my poor darling family members watch these cartoons 3 or 4 times even a day.

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