Friday, July 9, 2010


2day was my father and i's day 2 fite over hs messed up interpretations about wat he wnts me 2 do with cars who and when the shall b driven etc...... 4 my seventeenth birthday my dad got me a mercedes as a present,i dnt get my licence here by law until i turn 18, nevertheless its a lovely present to get. as one can magine im very excited to drive it. i live in egypt 2 buy a car there tht is made by a foreign manufacturer you pay a two hundred percent tax(ths is true!) buyng cars made in egypt r also expensive and definitly not worth the money.
so my father ships cars 4 me 2 get around with, but the law does regulate that if u dnt wish 2 pay the full 200 percent tax on the car u r bringing in, u can only bring the car in on visit, u still pay taxes, just not 2 hundred percent, the car can only stay in egypt 4 six months and then it needs 2 leave the country, u cannot bring it bak until six months pass, so basically evry six months a dffrnt car is shipped 2 egypt.
a new car has 2 b sent next week as the time limit 4 the one tht is there is going 2 end soon, i was very excited because my car, the mercedes is gna b shipped, and i will get a chance to drive it there as im gettng my licence soon.
until............. my dad decides 2 throw a bomb 2day!!
he sed the mercedes is not going to b shippd, y baba? i love it, no baby dnt wrry i have a surprise u will love...baba wat is it? tell me tell me............ he was like im going 2 get u a bmw convertible instead, 2mrw pik the color and consider it bought. ths wud make most kids happy, teh idea and gesture its self is sweet BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my driver shall b drivng the convertible 4 three months until i get my licence!!! so obviously i dnt wnt it!! id rather ride a bike 2 uni than ride a convertible with my driver!! seriously no one does that!
first of all, no one wud thnk he is a driver, secndly i wud literally b sittng in hs lap if its in the frnt seat, my fathers argument 4 tht was i can sit in the bak becoz it is a 4 seater, ok even wrse!! him driving in the frnt looking like the owner and me in the bak looking like the hi class whore he piked up!!!
latly, gettng in and out of a sports car means tehre is alot of bending and body contortng 2 get in and out, perfect view 4 my driver!!
seriously baba!!! tht dsnt make sense!!!

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