Friday, July 9, 2010

Driving with my driver in the passenger seat

the reason i am writing ths is becoz my father came out with some of the most ridiculous rules ever 2day, they r soo ridiculous they r amusing!
im going to get my licence in 3 months, i shall b bak at uni then, so 2day at dinner with frnds we were discussing wat and when i wud drive etc..... the topic of wat wud happen 2 my driver came up, then i will have a licence so logically speaking i dnt need a driver. my dad responds by saying the driver shall STAY!! why baba? ur nt gna let me drive? he was like no darling u can drive all u wnt, but the driver will always b in the passenger seat!!
as u can imgaine i was infuriated, wat ?!! now im driving 4 the driver!!!!!!!!!! the driver is being paid a huge ridiculous monthly salary 2 sit hs ass dwn in a mercedes all day!!!!! that is NOT NORMAL!!!!
i may as well not drive in that case!
ths is where the arab thnkng starts to kick in, my dad wnts the driver in the car becoz it means tht father shall no everywhere i go at all times, the driver can report to him hw i drive and wat my driving manners r like, who i allow to get in the car, the hours im driving at(which means then i have to b home at my curfew, note that my prnts live in a dffrnt country, so my dad keeping up to date with everythng im doing is always thru ppl). and the driver will tell hm if get males in the car or not(which my father will not allow).
in ths case my father is payng hm to be my bodyguard!!not DRIVER WHO DSNT DRIVE!!!!!

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