Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lets get familiar

ok so im nt really familiar with blogging, i have heard alot about them, but never really got around to reading any, only becoz reading off a computer screen is laborious to me, reading a book, with pages, that i can feel and fold and drop water all over as i read is a wonderful experience worth my time.
but recently ihave started to become alot more friendly with computers, credit goes to apple for sure, im in love with mine :P
so im sure those reading ths r wondering y excatly im bloging if im nt even well aquainted with the idea, well, i have alot of stories to tell for starters, if fathers around the world could read this and hear and open their eyes to wat daughters may sometimes thnk and feel, tht wud make me a very happy person, and i wud like to open up the eyes of the world to wat exactly it is like to b an arab growing up in a western world. if none of those reasons r gd, then i hope that my blog atleast entertains those who read it.
i do guarentee some very funny and random stories :)

before actually gettng started i wud like to apologize in advance for the spelling, grammer, punctuation and bad language that i write with.


  1. Would it be that much of a stretch for you to actually spell out the words you're writing with. I mean, you can type "laborious" but you can't bother to spell out "would" or "to" etc?

  2. no, it would not be that much of stretch,i have received a similar comment about my writing style.
    consider your "suggestion read, understood and currently being implemented.

    future posts shall be written in "full" english.
    merci pour la suggestion