Tuesday, July 6, 2010

baby stories

so i want to start my blog in chronological order and wat better place to start than wen i actually came in2 ths world.
for starters i have to gv kudos to my mother whose water broke 2 weeks b4 she and my father were expecting, being the woman tht she is she actually drove herself to the hospital, no matter hw well she tres to describe the situation to me the idea of a woman in abour driving with water gushing out from between her legs just seems comidic , dangerous and quite terrifyng all at once.
i cnt help but ask questions like:"mama, with all the water hw come ur foot ddnt slip off the petrol peddle?" or"wen u had a contraction did u break in the middle of the road?", ok "wat looks were u gettng 4rm ppl?" etc etc
nyhw apprntly she got there safely , without killing ny1 else on the road either, which i have to admit is quite miraculous judging the circumstances.
she checked herself in, and her doctor who delivered me is the father of one of my best frnds 2day, small world i have 2 say :)
nyhw obviously mother did not have a common natural delivery, i had 2 turn her world upside dwn before i even entered it :P
apprntly there were a number of complications, the biggest being tht i was ready to leave her womb, but i was pressing dwn on the umbilical cord - my life line - suicidal at birth:P
so mama was put in c section immedietly and ta da!!! i came in2 the world
my prnts were overjoyed, i was the "light" of their lives, my dad being thirty was ready to have and take care of a kid, and my mother had beeb conditioned to be a good mother since she herself was a child. so i definitly came in2 a loving family
th bonus was tht we lived with my grandprnts, and i wa sthe newest baby in a while, so u can only imagine hw i was their "baby" and hw spoilt i was, my wish was definitly their command, they showered me with tender love and affection

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